Coating and Lamination

We offer coating and varnishing services for our printed products, providing the extra durability that may be required. A clear coat or matte coat can also add that special effect to achieve the look our clients desire.

Direct Printing on Rigid Materials

Thanks to the advanced equipment that Lesedi 7 Group has acquired, we are capable of directly printing onto rigid materials, including plastics, wood, metal, PVC, glass, polystyrene, aluminum, and more.

Package Printing

We also offer the option to print directly on ready-made packaging products, such as pizza boxes, fast food restaurant packaging, paper bags, perfume boxes, sweet boxes, and more. Additionally, we provide the flexibility to create a package from scratch with the "Design, Print, then Cut" option.

Cutting and Fabrications

Among our media arsenal, we possess digital cutting capabilities. We can design, print, and construct life-size posters of anything, complete with stands, outdoor/indoor box adverts, triangular advert stand-up signs, floor decals, drop boxes, company folders, and more.