Our Printing Strategy

We’ll help you take all you know about your business and structure it into a printed material to guide your growth:

- Evaluate your business environment in order to advice on printing strategy.
- Describe your brand identity though our innovative printing strategy.
- Identify your printing requirements to grow your clientele base.
- Clearly define your printing needs to reach more audiences.

Lithographic Printing

High speed impression capabilities for the volume driven demands that can be completed in a short span of time with pin point accuracy and clear vivid colors to match.

Large Format Printing

For those prints that require a huge amount of space e.g. Murals, Billboards, Posters, Vehicle Image Wraps, Wall paper, Backlit Banners, Architectural Drawings, Construction Plans, Signage Prints, Back Ground images for Theatrical shows or the likes.

Digital Printing

Able to print Creative designs or any photographic image directly from computer to media for those Specialize Effects that Clients require with the same High Quality Imagery, where a mere picture of a leather bag when touched feels like actual leather.

Screen Printing

An alternative approach to printing, where ink is thicker and colors are more vibrant for those specialty print jobs.

Embroidery Art

Designs that are stitched onto breathable materials or fabrics.

Sublimation Printing

We print on most breathable fabrics for your Flags, T-shirts, Telescopic flags, shark fin flags, gazebos, A frame signs and the likes.